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TacticPhoneX is a precision engineered feature phone which is specifically designed for the military & hiker. It is built like a tank, making it one of the most rugged phones known to man. Its robustness makes it an essential item for any adventure!

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A marvel of engineering and design, the TacticPhoneX is designed to be used under the most brutal conditions for up to 15 days with one single charge! This is probably the only phone IronMan would be proud to use.

  • Extreme Battery

  • Water + Dust Proof

  • Durable

  • High-Tech

- TriniMon

"Sturdy, no frills phone. Battery lasts forever. Perfect for backpacking or travelling."

- Jacky S.

"The quality of this phone is amazing. Everything works well, the build quality is fantastic and the phone is pleasant to the touch. Ergonomic. All connections are airtight. Works quickly. Communication keeps well."

What is Tactic Phone X?


Built with dual-tone soft rubber material, excellent strength. Zero gap in every corner while remaining stylish with a sleek design.

Water Resistant

You can keep it immersed in water, and even record under-water videos. Feel free to use in rain, in your shower, or under water.

Dust Resistant

Totally protected against dust - no need to worry about sand, dirt, or volcanic ash.

Shatter Resistant

Survive any drop - the strong construction and rubber material reduce the impact of collisions.

Huge Battery Capacity

Keeps its charge for up to 2 weeks under regular daily usage. It even works as a power bank and can charge your USB devices on the go.

Super Strong Flashlight

No more fear of darkness - every corner of the Earth ready for you to explore.

Perfect for extreme-sports or travelling

Strong sturdy, long battery life, equipped with super bright LED flashlight and super amplified sound. The best for outdoor and life in rural areas, or where electricity may be scarce.


“Sturdy, no frills phone. Lasts forever in standby, with large print numbers that are easy to navigate. Perfect for backpacking or travelling.”

- Trinimon

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Great Features

TacticPhoneX has all of the features needed to satisfy adventurers and hikers.

  • One-Click Toggle for a Super Strong Flash Light
  • Class K Sound Amplifier: Extremely Loud Speaker
  • FM Radio: No Headphone Needed
  • Camera / MP3
  • Triple Sim
  • 15 Languages
  • So Much More!

5/5 Customer Rated Tactical Phone